1. Hair Loss Myths

    We all go through our lives with some worries, right? “If I eat this steak dinner, 10 years from now I’m going to get fat.” “I’m never going to be able to retire.” “My grandfather is bald, so I’m going to lose my hair.” Well, we can’t really help you with worrying about gaining weight or money, but we can help you find peace of mind with the myth that i…Read More

  2. Are Barber Shops Going Extinct?

    Barbers have a long history. They date back to as early as ancient Egyptian culture when priests and medicine men would be the providers of grooming services. They even became what was called,”barber-surgeons”, and would perform medical procedures as well as grooming. The 1800s is when barber shops officially opened their doors. With each passing year, grooming practic…Read More