Barbers have a long history. They date back to as early as ancient Egyptian culture when priests and medicine men would be the providers of grooming services. They even became what was called,”barber-surgeons”, and would perform medical procedures as well as grooming. The 1800s is when barber shops officially opened their doors. With each passing year, grooming practices become more and more glamorous and luxurious. Modern men, it seems, would rather go to an overpriced salon than a barber. Is this true? Are they timeless, or are they ancient history?

Long Live the Barber!

Barbers and barber shops represent a simpler time, when masculinity was relatively straightforward. There was a moral code that men lived by, and in the modern age, holding steady to the morality of masculinity has become more and more rare. Men who have grown up with the barber shop experience generally recall their most fond memories from their barber shop. Memories of the atmosphere in the barber shop: the spinning pole outside, the mysterious blue liquid that their scissors rested in, the vintage decor, the loud conversation and even louder laughter. To some, this is home.

Back in the day, barber shops were the classy place to go. They were luxurious for their time, but also warm and inviting to patrons. The factor throughout barber shop’s history that hasn’t changed is the unparalleled skill and service. The quality of grooming you’ll recieve at a barber shop is unmatched. Barbers are seasoned veterans of their craft, and you’re guaranteed to leave satisfied with your service. Who would ever pass that up?

Are “Men’s Salons” Taking Over?

Barber shops are a staple in American culture. Their iconic red, white, and blue poles are a symbol that most everyone recognizes. They are classic. Barbers are experts in their craft, and no fancy salon can match the experience, and work quality of a trained barber. Barbers are known for investing in relationships with their customers, and promoting a family-style atmosphere. In her article, Kristen Barber discusses the modern misconceptions men have that barber shops don’t provide the care that they “need”, and that they’ve “outgrown” barber shops.

Professional, white-collar men tend argue that barber shops don’t provide the polished services they’re looking for. However, the difference is the type of services that each establishment provides. Barber shops don’t pamper the customer in the same way that men’s salons do. Barber shops are simple and direct. As a customer, you go in, you get what you need, make a friend or two along the way, and you get on with your life. Men’s salons provide extra services that keep customers there longer, and allow them to charge more money. Often, the thing that gets lost in between barber shops and men’s salons is friendship between groomer and customer.

Bottom-line: barber shops may be dwindling in number and becoming less and less popular as the years pass, but their value to the lives of the men they serve is timeless.

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